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Luxury yacht: Diamonds are forever

I love diamonds, and diamonds are forever, but Diamonds Are Forever is actually a yacht! Diamonds Are Forever is a stunning collaboration between John Staluppi, Benetti Yachts, and Evan K. Marshall . This combined talent has resulted in a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space.
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
Evan Marshall and his team are “driven by a desire to create designs that not only challenged conventional ideas, but offered truly advanced and innovative concepts.” The Marshall passion for innovation is expressed in the unique space planning that his office is renowned for, as well as the balanced and inspired exterior concepts he brings to his projects.
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
The interior design and decoration of the yacht was created by Evan K. Marshall/Usonia V. The richness of the interiors is impressive, epitomizing classic refinement. All the loose furniture has been custom designed by Evan K. Marshall to ensure maximum comfort and visual impact. The foyers on each deck showcase the central spiral staircase and the cylindrical glass elevator, each foyer features a different combination of marble and onyx floor inlays, with burl wall panels framed by gold and silver leaf inlays.
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
On the main deck, the living and dining areas incorporate elegant pieces of loose furniture with design motifs inspired by the ships name. In a departure from typical yacht furnishings, the main pieces of furniture appear to be free-standing and supported only by mirrored legs embedded with small crystal studs. The back-lit centre design elements on each of the freestanding pieces are made of glittering Swarovski crystals set in polished chrome and gold-plated surround. Could this be more exciting?!
“Diamonds Are Forever is a true luxury yacht that meets the most demanding requirements with amounts of space. “
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Just 50 Bugatti Veyron Examples Remain Available

If Santa is planning to surprise someone with a Bugatti Veyron this year, he had certainly better hurry! Just 50 Bugatti Veyron examples remain, and no more will be created (so they say). Clever marketing ploy, or saddest news ever? Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti is in its final lap with the Veyron series. Where will the last 50 units end up?
The Veyron that we know today lit up the supercar scene when production began in 2005. The brand announced that there would be a run of 300 coupes and 150 roadsters, and all but 50 of the roadsters are officially sold. Yes, it takes that long to sell hundreds of million-plus dollar hypercars.
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti sells 400th Veyron, which means only 50 roadsters remain. We have seen them in nearly every color combination under the sun, the final 50 shall be bittersweet.
The special 400th Bugatti Veyron created was the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition. There have been seemingly countless ‘special edition Veyrons’ over the years, and I have loved and accepted each and every one of them tirelessly. The Bugatti Legend Series is the latest example, a series of six special editions that are being revealed in true strip-tease fashion. So far, only three of the six Legend cars have been unveiled: The Jean-Pierre Wimille, the Jean Bugatti and the Meo Costantini. Follow links for further details on each of those cars.
Bugatti Veyron
Fun fact: It took around 8 years to produce 400 Bugatti Veyron supercars. 
Bugatti Veyron
Who can forget the lavish one-off Veyron L’or Blanc?
The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse emerged in 2012 and is the current fastest production roadster in the world with a top speed of 254.04 blistering miles per hour. The fastest coupe would be the Veyron Super Sport, of course. The Veyron will be a tough act to follow, I hope they have planned for that. By the time the final 50 Bugatti Veyrons are made and given homes, they will no doubt be taunting us with a successor.
Bugatti Veyron
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Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2014 Couture

Hey fashionistas! In this post we present you Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2014 Couture Line. In this collection we can see pastel perfection and the neutral colors, white, black and gold. What ties all of the outfits together are the gold belts with a leaf motif. A lot of attention has been paid to the gowns as all of them have exquisite details: feathers, shiny flowers and sequins.
Zuhair Murad managed to create many red -carpet looks and I’m sure that a lot of celebrities will make a glamorous appearance in one of these gowns. He sent gorgeous, glittering  gowns to the catwalk at his couture show in Paris on Thursday where he presented his spring/summer 2014 collection. An outstanding bridal gown was saved for the end. It was spectacular. It had a floor-length, sweetheart neckline and floral applique. Take a look at the photos below and enjoy the perfection!

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Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen

              D’Angleterre: Wellness and bon vivant in historical settings
For many the grand old lady of Copenhagen, Hotel D’Angleterre, is a symbol of proud traditions and the extravagant lifestyle of the elite. This specific group of people has enjoyed life here for more than 250 years; from the noblemen, who arrived on horseback in the 18th Century to contemporary presidents and rock musicians from all over the world. If only walls could speak, one thinks, when entering the glamorous rooms, which really hasn’t changed much since the very beginning.Today the hotel also accommodates a spa and a well-attended champagne bar, which only ads new dimensions of luxury to the historical surroundings. Come join us for a tour at Denmark’s most beautiful hotel.

From then till now

The hotel was originally built as an eating place by a Frenchman and his love in 1755, but after a change of ownership and the fire of Copenhagen in 1795 there wasn’t much left of the original building. The German owner at that time, Gottfried Raue, therefore bought the noble mansion at the corner of Østergade and Kgs. Nytorv and furnished it as a hotel. The rest is history.
Ever since that time the hotel has experienced many different owners and just as many renovations – last time in 2011, when The Remmen Foundation took over. They wanted to cut back on the number of rooms but heighten the level of comfort. On the 1st of May 2013 the door’s opened to a brand “new” D’Angleterre. Memories lingers, but the hotel has undoubtedly received a mighty face lift and more facilities has emerged.
Comfortable luxury

By the arrival we’re greeted by a friendly smile from the porter. The top hat and the neat light grey clothing is distinctive and reveals a service level a cut above other nice places. The door is opened and another world appears; a world far away from the hectic everyday life and trivialities. A world with room for dreams and show off – and you instantly grasps why stars like Grace Kelly and Victor Borge felt at home here.
The reception and lounge is manned by smiling employees, busy bell boys and American tourist, who has settled down in the comfortable couches. One understands why they’ve chosen D’Angleterre. Especially if things like comfort, a high service level and art is essential, cause these things will be characteristic for the hotel in the future. It feels liberating that even a small city like Copenhagen now accommodates a hotel, which meets high international standards.
The art plays, as mentioned before, an important role in the ‘new’ D’Angleterre. It’s scattered tastefully on the walls and in the interior – and even the suites are furnished with great pieces of art from great Danes like H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen and Bertel Thorvaldsen. Here you can gambol on 95 m2 while the absolute luxury suite, The Royal Suite, offers astonishing 150 m2 of refined elegance. At the same time it offers a great view of Copenhagen.
There’s 35 rooms and suites in total – all furnished with large inviting bathrooms and many of them with a private balcony.

Michelin and champagne
We recommend that you pass by the restaurant Marchal, whether you’re a guest or a visitor at the hotel. The roofed veranda in front is re-opened as it was hundreds of years ago, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine or a snack outside even in fall or winter time.
The modern touch of Marchal and the Nordic kitchen gives an impression of lightness and fits perfectly with the black lacquered wooden interior and heavy curtains. It’s the perfect combination of exclusivity and cosiness. The chef Ronny Emborg is already quite well-known for his modern take on the French kitchen, which makes a dining experience here sublime – especially if it’s combined with a following visit to the champagne bar ‘Balthazar’.
Balthazar is the first of its kind in Denmark and any champagne enthusiast will instantly be in his or her right element when entering the room. There’s always an excuse for a glass of champagne, but if you fancy a cocktail once in a while you shouldn’t miss out on the ‘Downtown Abbey’, which is a mix of passion fruit and licorice, Belvedere vodka and Brut Champagne. One of those and you’re assured an amazing night at one of the most historical places in Copenhagen!
Holistic well-being

Amazing Space is the name of the newly renovated spa area, which can be reached from both the hotel and the street. Their holistic approach to beauty and relaxation frames this experience of Nordic wellness. The tranquil atmosphere and the lovely scents filling the air comes off on even the most stressed out customers – and you actually tend to forget that there’s a world outside!  We can recommend the treatment ‘Nordic Space’, which includes a body wrap, lava stone massage and a facial. It will for certain leave you in pure ecstasy of wellness!

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Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge
Editor - luxury lifestyle from A-Z
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2013 saw the launch of the CaryAli by Alloy Yachts. The CaryAli was designed to combine elegance and luxury with the ruggedness of an explorer vessel. It’s equally comfortable dropping anchor off the coast of France as it is slipping along the stark ice walls of Antarctica.
The CaryAli is 128 feet long. The exteriors and underlying architecture were done by René van der Velden, and the beautiful interiors were designed by Grossman Interiors, Redman Whiteley Dixon and Alloy Yachts. ​​
At first glance, the CaryAli may look a little old-fashioned with a no-nonsense exterior you’d find in a classic oceanographic research or navy vessel. But delve inside and you’ll find a luxurious home.
Inside, you’ll find such touches as hand rubbed walnut paneling, leather venetian blinds, upholstery such as mohair and silk​​, sliding glass doors, a fully equipped gym, and large windows for panoramic backdrops.
Outside there’s a sun deck with a bar and grill area, a dining area, game table, and a large Jacuzzi.

​​​The CaryAli consists of one main deck master suite and four lower deck guest quarters that can house 10 people.  The CaryAli by Alloy Yachts mixes modern sensibilities with timeless design. 

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