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LA POSTA VECCHIA - Beauty of Lazo

 Found on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in western Italy, La Posta Vecchia is the perfect hotel for everyone to try out the pure Italian style and comfort...

Central Rome is just three quarters of an hour away, while the cruise-ship port of Civitavecchia lies 25 minutes afar. Boasting with the Michelin Star-awarded Cesar Restaurant and many other worldly awards and nominations, La Posta Vecchia can be easily appointed the pride of Lazio. The shores of the Mediterranean Sea may be the ultimate travel destination for all European tourists, but this hotel is the ultimate destination for the entire world. Get inside the fabulous Getty Suite and witness the true meaning of luxury, on a 17th-century like background.

In fact, these are all the former accommodations of US Industrialist J. Paul Getty, who had bought it in 1960 and restored it to its original splendor. In fact, he hadn’t just renovated it; he has also fitted it with ancient decorations, royal artworks, furniture and state of the art amenities. The restoration process had also uncovered the remains of an ancient Roman villa, which are now integrated part of an archaeological museum. La Posta Vecchia comprises a total of 19 rooms and suites, which is not that much compared to other resorts. It’s all about style here; it’s all about the pleasures of opulent living, inside uniquely decked rooms.

The exquisite Cesar Restaurant is ready to delight your senses with Ricotta Stuffed Artichoke courtesy of the local chef, while enjoying the superb views unfolding beyond, over the Mediterranean. The hotel’s organic garden can also provide guests with fresh fruits and vegetables. In case you’re feeling like cruising around, there are plenty of historic sites nearby awaiting your arrival. Get to the spa as well – you’ll miss that sort of massage and special Ayurvedic body treatment.

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Cuba,breathtaking beaches

 Cuba is one of a few destinations which own all the elements used for creating a dream scenario: white sand, tropical sun, tall palm trees and pristine water…

What else can one person wish for their perfect vacation? With this brief story about Cuba’s most beautiful beaches, feel free to get settled down in your favorite chair and begin planning which one of them will you visit first…

Cuba is most definitely one of the prettiest Caribbean pearls. Sun, beach, sea, cocktails, music, culture… Those are the words that make you think of this magical island. And as long as we are talking about beaches, here are some you must visit while staying there.
Let us begin with Cayo Largo (cayo is Spanish for cay). There you can expect 26km of ideal white sand with ethereally turquoise seas and colorful sea reefs. This is the ideal beach for those who love very warm sea water and all day long lying in the warm Caribbean sun. A large part of this beach is available for local people too, which is really rare in this island, it is mostly oriented towards foreign tourists. If you want to enjoy sun and play beach volleyball with the locals, Cayo Largo is the place for you.

Proceed with your Cuban beaches tour on one which is a little bit different than the last one, even tough they are on the same cay. And by that we don’t mean any less beautiful or exotic, but a lot more interactive and made for adventurous people. Playa Sirena is a paradise for diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing. Even though it’s pretty much tucked in from the wind and sea waves, it gives ideal conditions for water sports. Tourists who have visited this beach, share the experience of one of the most beautiful underwater scenes, exotic fishes and colorful corals.
While you are on Playa Sirena and if you have the courage, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go to Cayo Iguana island, which is one of the worlds largest animal preserves. Only 700 meters of trails gives you the opportunity to enjoy in wilderness and see iguanas, and for those less brave ones, we recommend swimming in isolated and very intimate caves.

Playa Ancon is available only for tourists, so if you want to blend in with the locals, it may not be the place for you. But, it has two great things on the plus side: six kilometers of white sand, and immediate access to historical town of Trinidad, which you should check out. It’s settled on a narrow peninsula which is a beautiful sandy beach from one side, and swamp area from the other. It is suitable for underwater fishing, diving and other water sports. The sea is more calm here than on the other side, large waves appear often, so you might as well be careful and follow the instructions shown on the place.

In Playa Coco you will witness a unique spectacle. While you’re resting on your comfortable hammocks and sun beds, absorbing sunrays or enjoying in the shallow waters, or even playing beach volleyball, you can see some pretty unordinary local tenants of this area – pink flamingos and white ibis birds. Actually, this part of the island is occupied by more than 160 species of different exotic birds, so if you are in fact a birdwatcher, this will be your favorite beach.

Some Cuban beaches are very important historical monuments too. Playa Cajobabo, set east of Guantanamo is the place where famous national heroes landed, Maximo Gomez and Jose Marti, so they could take part in Spanish colonies fights in 1895. Near Pig Bay there’s also Playa Giron where the rebels, USA mercenaries started the invasion on April 17th 1961. whose mission was to overthrow Fidel Castro. You can be informed on this topics in a few museums close to this beaches.

If you just want to relax, sunbathe and have a good time, the right beaches for you are located in Varadero. In this area, luxury hotels, restaurants and bars can be found, so you will be under the impression that you are in miniature Miami Beach, not on Cuba. Like on the most Cuban beaches, access is limited for the locals here as well, so the visitors are mostly Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Varadero begun it’s development in 1872. but the biggest boom was in the late 30s in the 20th century, when Irene Du Pont, American businessman and a renewed member of the highest American social class built a fascinating villa right there in Varadero, with a private mini airport and marina and named it Xanadu. Many other American flooded Varadero by following his example, and so began the tourist blooming of the place. Some of the famous regular visitors are Al Capone, Carry Grant and Ava Gardner.

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A dazzlingly opulent work signed Gulf Craft, this particular vessel is actually the second embodiment of the Majesty 135 series...

The UAE-based shipyard does know its business very well, as we can clearly see when setting our eyes upon this yacht. An absolutely marvelous combination of brightness, freshness and luxury, the Majesty 135 combines lavish spaces with superbly garnished surfaces. The exterior is sleek yet confident, with a purely crisp white paintjob all over. Measuring 41 meters LOA (135 feet to be precise), it stuns our sights with its elegant presence. The main aft cockpit is generous in size and pleasant to live in, combining classic touches with all sorts of modern amenities – wicker chairs, large sofa aft, al fresco, dining area and reception bar.

As we head inside, we can’t help noticing the stainless steel framed glass doors of the main saloon, enclosing an incredibly spacious yet superbly elegant main saloon. It is gorgeously decked with exquisite essences like white onyx, Crema Marfil, Corinthian beige marble and Anigre wood, in addition to a soothing scheme. The open plan main saloon is able to provide a main dining space and lounge area, both boasting round features, cozy amenities and delicate materials.

The dining area sports a large glass-topped table with modern, round chairs able to accommodate up to 10 guests for all sorts of meals and occasions. The large galley, another one of the vessel’s highlights, is able to provide a comfy breakfast area for up to 8 guests. As for the main deck, it houses a luxurious VIP suite fore with lush en suite, walk-in wardrobe and large stateroom. The VIP suite can even be named the secondary master suite, a place which is in fact located on the second floor. The large master suite provides a sea of luxury, with mini-bar area and private lobby, alongside a spacious stateroom with lounge spaces and desk, lush hers and his en suites, as well as well as walk-in wardrobe.

Just like the en suites, the stateroom is flooded by natural light – an extremely welcoming space for everyone aboard. Top notch entertainment systems like here, natural design scheme, 65-inch flatscreen TV, iPod docking station and ample storage space. The master suite further opens to a gorgeously large semi-private aft deck perfect for relaxation, lounging and dining. Heading downwards we notice four additional, opulently appointed guest suites – two twins and two doubles. They are light, stylish and fitted with everything you’d like.

The last hooray is upstairs – a big flybridge perfect for relaxation, all day long, providing breathtaking panoramas all around, barbecue area and bar.
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Superb Katikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini, Greece

 The beautiful Greek island of Santorini is a magical place, ideal for luxe vacations in picture-perfect settings. Here, in a small town called Oia, visitors can find the inviting Katikies Hotel, where peace and serenity are intertwined with sophistication and luxury.

If you love bright spaces and impeccable decors, then you will definitely adore this amazing boutique hotel. Crisp white dominates both the interior and the exterior of the buildings, while the superb blue hue of the sea creates an irresistible color contrast. The pools are all turquoise and the water crystal clear. You can’t help feeling like you’ve actually escaped real life and reached the bright heavens.

Seemingly emerging from a dark rocky hill, the white resort is often listed by experts among the best hotels in Greece and the rest of the world. The views are breathtaking, the comfort is uncompromising, the food is both nourishing and delicious, the service is irreproachable, and the amenities are excellent. Bright, airy and plush, Katikies Hotel is always a good choice.
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