Brabus Mercedes Viano iBusiness 3D Van

With the new Brabus Mercedes Viano iBusiness 3D van, the guys at Brabus have just shown us all that there is nothing they can’t do, as far as car customization is concerned. The technology-packed van has recently made its debut at this year’s Geneva Auto Show and is more than anyone could ever ask for. Actually, it’s even more than anyone could ever need.

A 40-inch Sony Bravia LED TV-screen with 3D technology, a Dolby Surround sound system, an iPhone and iPad integration system, wireless Wi-Fi network, DVBT signal receiver and even a PlayStation3! That’s probably more than many of us have in our rooms. But with this mind-blowing customization, it’s pretty clear that whatever you want for your ride, Brabus will get the job done.
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